Why is FTP better than email?

FTP is better than email for a couple of reasons. First, email is a very common communication tool these days; and is used very frequently. With people being able to receive information and messages from anywhere in the world almost at an instant, it is no surprise that email inboxes can constantly become full. If you constantly have a full inbox you might not receive that important file that requires immediate attention because your inbox happened to be full when it was sent. You won’t run into this problem with FTP.

Second, again Email is a very common means of communication; and everything goes to your email. This includes all sorts of unwanted spam messages. With email you have to take time to sift through all your emails and try to find the important messages in a sea of garbage. This is time you could be spending working. FTP provides you a place where only specific information and only people with clearance can go to upload files. There is no spam and no sifting with FTP.

Lastly, the Junk Folder. No one really understands why certain important emails wind up there, but they do sometimes. I have personally experienced many times, situations where I am waiting for an important email that mysteriously never shows up. Then after contacting the supposed sender with “I am still awaiting your email.” and then hearing back “I sent it 2 days ago.” I check the Junk Folder. Somehow it magically found its way there. With FTP you don’t have to worry about important information getting lost somewhere in the massive amount of folders you have set up in your email, or sifting through the junk folder to make sure nothing in there is important. Everything on the FTP site is relevant information and it will always be organized and easily accessible.