“You Know You’re a Transcriptionist When…”

By Rachel Tirabassi

As a transcriptionist, you tend to hear and see things a little differently than others. Grammatical errors NEVER go unnoticed and sometimes you even find yourself air typing as other people are speaking. We asked TranscriptionGear.com’s social media followers to name their transcriptionist quirks and the responses could not be more accurate. Can you relate to any of these strange habits?

You know you’re a transcriptionist when…

1. “you realize ‘getting ready’ for work hasn’t involved makeup or ‘real’ clothes in years, but love it!”
– Lora S.

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 2. “you have more ‘lounge clothes’ than jeans and tops!”
-Vanessa V.

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3. “you write bowl but spell bowel instead 🤨”
– Dianna C.

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4. “you’re watching TV and tap an imaginary foot pedal to try to re-listen to the words you didn’t hear clearly.”
– Sue H.

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5. “you’re air-typing the words people are saying ALL THE TIME!!!!!”
– Kristin B.

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6. “you get junk mail and see a typo, you have to toss it and refuse to do any business with them.”
– Rita W.

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7. “you must proof everyone’s grammar and punctuation in texts and on FB.”
-Tracy L.

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8. “you have to type when you can’t remember how to spell a word! 🤦‍♀️”
– Debbie L.

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9. “you take a fall and pray not to injure your hands.”
-Pamela R.

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10. “abridged subtitles send you into a tiny rage.”
– Heather W.

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11. “you get up from your desk and forgot to remove your head phones and almost drag your computer off the desk 😂😂”
-Tammy H.


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12. “you can’t misspell a word without automatically correcting it!”
-Vanessa V.

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13. “you get laundry done on your lunch break!”
– LeAndrea M.

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14. “you’re watching TV with captions and find yourself laughing uncontrollably at descriptive captions.”
– Sarah N.

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15. “you forget to turn off your text expansion software while chatting on social media and “lol” turns into “laugh” and you have to explain you weren’t commanding your friends to laugh at your lame jokes… Heh.”
– Sarah N.

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Remember fellow transcriptionists, you’re not alone in this. Comment your funniest or weirdest transcriptionist quirk below!