Happy New Decade & Holidays! <3

I just wanted to take this chance to post my final blog of this decade with style! I wanted to thank everyone who has helped make this wonderful journey possible. We here at TranscriptionGear.Com have some of the best jobs on this planet. We love getting the chance to work with so many interesting and insightful clients. But, this wouldn’t have been possible without all of you! On that note, I wanted to wish everyone a happy holidays whatever it is you may celebrate. And we must not forget, happy new year everyone! Although, its technically happy new decade.

It has been a fun year filled with a lot of new technology coming to the market. So what are some of my fondest memories of this year you may ask? I would say my trip out to Texas for ACE365 AHDI trade-show was #1. I had the chance to meet and really get to know some of the best transcriptionists out there. It is an invaluable experience I recommend to everyone who can get the time off to go. I also had a lot of fun in Vegas learning about a new Philips product and Dragon. We had the wonderful honor of completing an installation of our Atom solution at Mid Atlantic Retina. That successfully helped increase the customer’s turn-around time from 2 months to same-day! That definitely had a big impact on me this year. It is nice to be able to help a company, and actually see the employees becoming happier and more productive. These are just a few glimpses into my experiences this year, but I won’t bore you much longer. If you would like to reminisce some more on the past year or talk about the coming decade, feel free to add me on Facebook, links are below.

Alright, one last time, Happy New Year everyone! Make sure you end the decade in full color, and we will all see you next decade!

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