Replacement Headset Cord w/ 10 ft. 3.5 mm Right Angle Plug, 100 Ohm Button


Get a new cord and headset speaker button with this kit from TranscriptionGear. Compatible with transcribers using a 3.5 mm right angle plug and PCs for headset AL-60L.

SKU: hcra10-wsb100 Brand: Due to Microsoft’s decision to discontinue support for past operating systems, we can only offer technical support for products running on Windows 10 and newer.


Replacement Headset Cord 10′ with 3.5 mm Right Angle Plug and 100 OHM Speaker Button

Replacement 10′ cord and speaker “button” for our AL-60L series Aluminum Stethoscope style headsets for use with transcribe stations or your PC. It features a 3.5 mm right angle connector
on a 10 foot cord. Great for those cases where you need the extra length.
Be sure that the plug shown above matches the plug on your headset.

  • 3.5 mm right-angle plug with 10′ cord assembly
  • Uses 3.5 mm mono plug
  • Compatible with TranscriptionGear headset AL-60L.
  • 100 OHM button
  • 10′ cord
  • Can be used with cassette or PC transcribers

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