VIP Care – Installation, Setup, Training and More

TranscriptionGear.Com, sponsor of this blog, has launched a brand new service called VIP Care. This service provides above and beyond what has been available before. Available in one a month (30 days) or as a 1-year plan, VIP Care provides click-by-click assistance in installation, setup and using your covered purchase from TranscriptionGear.Com

Get the most out of your transcription gear with VIP Care.

There is no easier way to get going with your new transcription gear than with our VIP Care program, only from TranscriptionGear.Com. The most knowledgeable transcription gear people in the world will help you click by click through the installation and workflow setup of your new software and we’ll teach you all the basics, right over the phone. Have a new question or a change to your workflow tomorrow? No problem, just give us a call toll-free.

VIP Care costs just $99 a year or buy it for just a month (30 days) for $29. Use it as much as you want in your purchased time period at no additional charge. We’re sorry, but we do not support the Macintosh platform at this time.

Know your transcription gear.

You can learn all about how to use and get the most out of your transcription gear from anywhere in the world. Our remote training takes you step by step through all parts of the software and workflow setup. You’ll receive dedicated time with a training expert that knows your software inside and out, all you have to do is ask. Each feature is described and explained in a way designed to be easy to understand and simple to follow.

Get going fast.

VIP Care assistance is available during our normal business hours of 8 AM to 5 PM EST Monday through Friday. There is only a toll-free call between you and a complete dictation workflow system.

What VIP Care includes:

  • Software installation assistance and setup
  • Encryption workflow setup for all of your GearTools (GearPlayer, GearDictate, GearXport and GearFTP.)
  • Creating and modifying your workflow to your specifications
  • Basic Training and Q & A with a qualified technician
  • Access to online knowledge base and user support forum

How do I buy VIP Care?

VIP Care is available in a one-year agreement for $99 and a one-month (30-day) agreement for $29. To purchase you own VIP Care membership go to TranscriptionGear.Com and select your choice of a thirty-day or One year membership.

Only registered members may use your VIP Care program. If you’d like more than one individual to use the VIP Care program, then you must purchase one agreement per authorized user. The one-month or one-year time frame begins when you email or call us for the first time.

VIP Care is available with the following products purchased from TranscriptionGear.Com:

  • GearPlayer
  • GearDictate
  • GearXport
  • GearFTP
  • idigital Toll-free dictation service
  • Philips DPM 9370 Recorder
  • Philips DPM 9500 Recorder
  • Philips DPM 9600 Recorder
  • Philips DPM 9610 Recorder
  • Philips LFH7277 Transcription Software
  • Philips LFH7177 Transcription Software
  • Olympus DS-5000 Recorder
  • Olympus DS-3400 Recorder
  • Olympus DS-2400 Recorder
  • Olympus AS-5000 Transcription Software
  • Olympus AS-2400 Transcription Software

TranscriptionGear.Com and its services cannot guarantee HIPAA/HITECH compliance, as compliance requires things outside of the scope of software alone. However, all Gear brand software is HIPAA/HITECH Ready. We recommend consulting with an independent expert on your workflow and HIPAA compliance.